Everything's A-OKI am giving myself permission.
I give myself permission to shine, to wear clothes that make me feel beautiful, to take up space, to speak.
I may write and publish whatever my whim carries without concern about “branding.” I may put art in my Etsy store and philosophy on my blog and code in The Project all on the same day. I may write about physics and sociology and parenting or make podcasts about magic as it strikes my fancy.
I have permission to brag about my accomplishments.
I may demand healthy food, regular walks, and movement. I allow myself the space for asana and meditation practices that benefit nobody but myself. I play with my children, watch silly movies with my partner, and make art even when I don’t know what it is good for.
I may use the same page of my planner two days in a row when I overestimate what I can get done in one.
I may make bad art. I may make good art. I may make art that is merely beautiful and makes no other claims on reality.
I may write hokey poetry. I may write poetry that makes me cry, and choose not to share it.
I have permission to fail at things for as long as it takes to find out what it is that I’m trying to find out by doing it. I have permission to succeed. I have permission to define my terms of success.
I will use my own experience, not external indicators, as the measure of whether I am done with things.
Join me! What do you give yourself permission for?

Two Stories

Quest2016 Prompt #12
What’s the story you most desire to bring to life in 2016?
What’s the story your just-right client most desires to bring to life in 2016?
Where do your two stories overlap?
Today’s (okay, technically last month’s) prompt comes via Jen Louden, a wise sage, and generally helpful for providing guides to living.

The story I most desire to bring to life in 2016 is one in which I step back into my teaching role, and bring my Technologies of Peace framework into the conversation about how each of us decides where to use our personal energies to make differences in the world.

My just-right learner/client/thinking companion cares deeply about the impact of their work.

They have thought long and hard about the meaning of life, and are dissatisfied with the mainstream answers they have been offered. They have probably gone down a number of different rabbit holes in search of answers and may need help (probably from a group of people) turning them into a coherent whole.

They want to hang out with more with other (deeply thoughtful) people, to meet them, work with them, and to make a living from the passions of their lives, not by merely supporting the existing structures. (They also are not satisfied with disruption for its own sake; it has to be focused on solving real problems. Social entrepreneurs, perhaps?) They are concerned with forming community, and ways in which their work can best benefit the people they touch. They want to use their powers for awesome.

Overlap: we both are looking for the same things. I have both technical and interpersonal skills to contribute to their development: I can easily shift gears from talking 20th century philosophy to configuring a mail server, from debugging code to supporting a friend through an emotionally challenging situation, and from making dinner for my family to teaching a yoga class tailored to a particular sport… I am multifaceted, and understand the (time, organizational, and emotional) needs of the multifaceted. (That impacts both my writing and my software design.)

(I also believe that we are all profoundly multifaceted and it is just our stories that make us forget that, especially about one another… but that is another post, entirely.)

Explaining phenomena: How the Universe Works

Hey, my friends. Did you know that I’ve got everything pulled together in a podcast over on the Cosmic Witchicists Travelling Intergalactic Roadshow? (And when I say everything, I mean *everything*.)

The Cosmic Witchicists' Travelling Intergalactic Roadshow

In which the Witchicists talk about how we explain observable phenomena and the “mechanisms”that underlie them. We talk about science and how we test these explanations, and the limitations of our models (scientific and otherwise).

Short version: don’t get attached to your explanations!

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