Taking Stock

The last month has been topsy-turvy. I flew out to Vancouver Island for Earth Activist Training, and it was spectacular, and I fell in love with the west coast (again). And found a tribe of amazing people, also on the west coast… which is a little far away for regular commuting. (<3 to the tribe, if you have made it to my living-room blog. And my other tribes, also… how fortunate I am to be blurred in this way.)

Then I came home, went to my acapella rehearsal, planted things, agreed to serve on the board of one of our theatre companies, and started rummaging around in my unfinished writing projects to figure out which one(s) I should work on first.

This last task is daunting.

Which do I work on first? Which blog, let alone which post? Which book, three of which clearly exist in various stages of development? Do I try (somehow) to merge them back into one thing? Abandon the one that’s the most academic, which would (at best) put me back into a world I don’t really want back into, even though that’s the one that I spent the most years of education building? Focus on the thing that (I suspect) could make money, even though my heart isn’t in it, because it would be like a day job, and everybody knows etc.? Make art, dance, learn to play the guitar, sing with my acapella group on Tuesdays and give up these delusions?

Wait. That sounds like weasels at work.

Also, it sounds like I know the answer. At least for now.

Back to the thing that holds my heart, that has called me again and again to come back to writing my way around thorny problems, even without clear-cut outcomes. Back to writing the books I need to read, whether anybody else is going to pay me for them or not.

Time to Do The Work. Which (perhaps ironically) starts with, “

Who are you? What do you want?

What is the thing that, if you don’t do it, won’t get done?”

Love to you all. Send in a search party if you don’t hear from me by August!

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One Response

  1. Weasels! Another friend of mine calls the critters in her mind squirrels.

    I want to find those other blogs of yours….

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